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“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulder of GIANTS ”
Isaac Newton


Tailored services that bring solutions to our customers.
WS Trade & Logistic 

We are seeking to provide your business with a broad experience in cross-border transactions.

  • Procurement

  • Purchase agent

  • Market analyst

  • Negotiating, purchasing and dealing with suppliers to help you obtain the best deal

  • Transportation and freight solutions ( ASIA – USA – LATAM )

We take care of and track all the process details making sure that you receive what you expected.

reunión de negocios
WS Corporate Services
  • International company incorporation

  • Assistance for opening business bank account

  • Third-party assessment
    Stress testing and analyses appropriate for risk management

  • WS handle with;
    Drafting letter of intention, engagement letters, memorandum of understanding, purchase and sales agreements, setting up the terms and conditions of the transactions

  • Intellectual Property management

  • Certificated document translation

Our broad experience in trading goods and services enables us to rapidly accomplish the necessary steps involved in core due diligence and corporate task to thereby allow us to quickly move on the transactions.

WS Marketing Studio

Our criteria in corporate image lead us create the most sophisticated sales strategies for your product or service.

  • Corporate image creator

  • Estrategies to position Products and services worldwide

  • Marketing strategies to increase sales

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose
yourself in the service of others”
Mahatma Gandhi.
Indian lawyer and pacifist.


Worldwide solution services is a full service company that provide a guide when a product equipment or service is required.

Our vocation is to help our customers and affiliates level up their business. We complement your organization providing category-specific support. Quality Cost efficiency and Optimal timing.

The wide range of knowledge in trading operations, acquisition, and the most efficient performance, make WS simple unmatched.


OUR professional TEAM

Now doing business is easier with a professional team backing your business.

  • Business advisor

  • Procurement manager

  • Supply chain manager

  • Purchase specialist

  • Logistics agent

  • Professional Negotiator

  • Transactional and cross border legal counsel

  • Marketing and corporate image specialist

“The team with the best players Wins”..
Jack Wells
Former director of GE


Our best strategies are being faithful to our principles, putting in practice in anything we do.
  • Transparency

  • Integrity

  • Fairness

  • Efficiency

Avoid fraud, expensive operations,
and stressful times…
"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision"
Business Since 2015
Why us


WS truly Understands

The trading rules and what bringing services means.

WS Comprehends

How each country and its markets influence the economies and impact the world in either a positive or negative way. We are prepared to affront changes and take advantage of the cycle.

WS Appreciate

The different idiosyncrasy and business culture in each continent America, Asia, Europe, Africa.

WS see Opportunities

Our geographical position let us see the big picture and think out of the box. Our location in Miami surrounds in a multicultural business society that enriches and help us improve every day. Furthermore, our geographic location forms a bridge between Latin America, North America and Asia.


We provide our customers with the peace of knowing

their needs will be met efficiently


We offer a Sophisticated service that set, track and achieve goals. We live in the present but look forward to better future.


We are a testimony of when you seed your harvest,

so this is a process of evolution where we redefined

and challenge ourselves to improve everyday

Michael Spence.
“Globalization is the process by which markets integrate worldwide”

Who are our COSTUMERS?

  • Small and Medium size Business.

  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers.

  • Large Industries.

  • Retailers.

  • Families and individuals.

“We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want”
Laura Ashley.


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US office 

33 Sw 2nd Av Miami, FL 33130

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